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The Enclosure team knows real estate, publishing, and technology. Our partners use our platform to deliver a fast, mobile first, data intensive real estate experience that puts a priority on geography and location. By creating an experience that consumers, agents, and brokers love, we help publishers service and sell to their audience more effectively.

Who Are We?

At Enclosure, we are devoted to better ways of empowering real estate search to maximize profit and opportunity for our partners in publishing.

On the business side, we come from the world of digital media classifieds. On the technical side, we've built some of the largest and most successful social networks, and integrated them with large media deployments to bring their technology into the digital age.

We bring deep knowledge of publishers' needs in real estate and combine that knowledge with the most cutting-edge experience in high-tech. With both pieces of the puzzle, we can solve publishers' problems with the best technology - technology built specifically for publishers.

Enclosure is proud to be a PAGE Preferred Supplier.

The Platform

Enclosure is a plug and play solution focused specifically for local media (newspapers, TV, and magazines) real estate implementations.

Built on top of the Transparensee Discovery Search Engine, Enclosure delivers customized real estate business models for your market.

Looking for a modern, fast, local real estate implementation that is different? There's a lot of "me too-ism" out there, and Enclosure gives your sales teams a better tool with clear advantages over the competition for your customers and your audience.

Enclosure's real estate implementations are fully responsive, making them ideal for today's multi-device user.

The Transparensee Engine

Enclosure grew out of Transparensee, an award winning company specializing in recommendation, personalization, and discovery.

The Transparensee team found that many of their clients came from the real estate industry. As they worked with these clients, they learned that the reason so many came from real estate was because recommendation, personalization, and discovery are so critical to the online real estate experience.

After helping so many clients solve the problems of online real estate search, the Transparensee team realized that the best solution would be to build a new, modern platform on top of Transparensee's patented Discovery Search Engine. This was the inspiration for

Transparensee’s Discovery Search Engine was named a winner for the 2014 SIIA CODiE Awards for Best Search Technology Solution

Our Process

Once we've agreed to work with a client, our process has three phases:


Before starting work, we spend time with each client to get a sense for their specific needs. Is mobile part of their strategy? Where do they want to maximize revenue? What's worked for them so far, and what hasn't? By understanding the client and their goals, we can customize a process to help them achieve what they're hoping to.


While all Enclosure sites have cutting edge functionality, layout, color scheme, and other features on the page can be arranged to suit each client's needs. We work with each client to ensure that the look and feel they want is the one they get.


We integrate your data with the Enclosure platform quickly, and can usually get your new site up and running in as little as a week or two. After deployment, our team of engineers will always be standing by to provide service around necessary changes, or new requirements as your site evolves.

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